The Story of Shawn Rock

New Single from Shawn Rocck

Shawn Rock was born and raised in South Jersey and began writing and rhyming early on during his school age years. He grew up with Nas echoing in his ear, “Never stop never settle”. That lyric became a lifestyle for Rock!

“Instead of using the lunch table to eat I used it to create beats to rap over.”

During his high school years Rock began creating music, but not on the level of lunch tables. He released several singles and videos that evoked quite the local buzz, which are still available for digital streaming. He performed at several talent shows and neighborhood clubs. At 17 he accompanied his friend to Las Vegas; the trip that changed his life forever. He was fascinated by the music and entertainment industry. He came to the realization what he was destined to become. Upon arriving back to Jersey he linked up with legendary Producer and CEO of Rockboy Records, D/R Period. That meeting ignited the start of Rock’s career!

Rock gives fans a new and modern spin to old school Hip Hop. Although it’s more wild, he delivers relative topics for all walks of life. He masters the concept of intertwining creativity and versatility to create timeless music. According to D/R Period, “Shawn Rock is a breath of fresh!”

Although at the prime of his career Rock’s music can be heard worldwide. He’s performed at countless venues throughout the states, including some of the most prestigious stages in New York City. Just recently he rocked stages with major artists at Hip Hop’s renowned Festival SXSW in Texas.

To date Rock is signed under D/R Period and Rockboy Records, and working on his forthcoming hit single and album

Check out the “Money Bag” video here

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