Meet International Special

Part man, part myth, all legend…the name International Special has been spoken among those only of the highest caliber, spanning from the block to the boardroom. “International Special, hailing out of East New York Brooklyn has been a mogul behind the scenes of the music industry for decades. International Special kept his nose to the streets and the streets knew how special he was before he even picked up a microphone to show the world. Unlike a lot of upcoming artists in the industry, the lavish lifestyle he raps about is only a portrayal of his reality.” After being loved and perhaps even envied by so many in the rap game and personally taking part in helping to orchestrate the success of many of today’s platinum artists and chart toppers, it was a natural progression for Special himself to finally pick up the microphone and show the world just how special he truly is.

“My goal is to bring back the feel-good vibe in music which other artists have left out of their music and to show the world that anyone can make it with the right experience and knowledge. All the lyrics in my rap are original and represent my lifestyle,” said International Special. He has been in the music industry for over 15years and has built personal relationships with so many star artists. He is popularly known and addressed as “SPECIAL” due to his exclusive lifestyle, bigger than life persona and because he loves making movies everywhere he goes. He has worked with so many artists including Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, O.T Genasis, Dj Khaled and many more. International Special is not the groundbreaking millennial rapper were used to, but as he said, he’s a street dude, putting facts on tracks. His life has already been bright!!!!

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