It’s Jai Emm’s Time

Songstress Jai Emm, bred in Queens, NY, was essentially born with a passion for music. While the other kids were asking for video games and Barbie dolls, she preferred cassette tapes and CDs. A 90’s kid, she was heavily influenced by the New Jack Swing sound and the Motown era that inspired the modern day greats of R&B. After graduating High School and being awarded Gold with Distinction Academy of Music and the New York City All City High School Chorus, she performed annually at Lincoln Center, was exposed to classical and jazz music and was prompted to explore other genres to develop a sound of her own. At the age of 15, she began writing, recording and incorporating her own musicianship and outside influences to create a vocal watermark, exclusive to Jai Emm.

On stage, her energy is unmatched. Her confidence is exuded through the fluidity of her movements and light vibrato in her voice. Jai Emm has graced the stages of Pyramid, The Flat, Blackthorn 51 and a few universities. Her debut single “To The Top”, produced by Knice Da Maje showcases her captivating lyrics and infectious melodies, while paying homage to her Queens roots by interpolating 50 Cent’s “If I Can’t” and “21 Questions.” She has since performed at VLive in Miami, Brooklyn Bazaar, Harlem Nights and Templo Maya in CT. From invigorating and fun to angry and intense, Aurora Borealis by Jai Emm evokes her emotion wholeheartedly and draws her listeners in to feel what she does. Her vocal ability and drive to become the music industry’s most frequent problem will undeniably take her to the top. 

Listen to her latest project Aurora Borealis at the link below:

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