Is Simba The Real Deal?

Simba, born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica with his family who worked hard to make ends meet, gravitated towards music as an escape from his day to day struggles. “I didn’t have much even food was hard to come by”. Later on in his childhood Simba and his family moved to the states, Mount Vernon, New York, with hopes of a better way of life and to take advantage of accessible opportunities. From that move derived the discovery of Hip Hop and the cul-ture that Simba immediately fell in love.

Once he heard legends such as Tupac, Rakim, Biggie, Nas, and Jay Z, he declared a career in hip hop. “No disrespect to Jay or Big but I want to be better than them”. Although Simba was surrounded by gang violence, murder, and robbery that plagued the city of Mount Vernon, he kept his focus on music. His record “Susie’s Story” depicts the daily horror of the streets. “This town made me who I am”. 

Simba utilizes his expertise of wordplay and lyricism to captivate listeners, fans, and other artists around the world. Singles
such as “Pen Game” and “Want it All” continue to gain U.S and global momentum with over 92,000 + Soundcloud plays, and over 20,000 followers on social media outlets. Now at the peak of his career Simba is performing alongside major artists and can be found on some of Hip Hop’s most distinguished stages and events such as SOB’s, Coast2Coast, and SXSW Festival.


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