Elliot Bless is here TODAY!!!!

There are times when an artist must step away from their passion in order for them to really understand that what they are creating is truly worth it.  This can be said of the very talented Elliott Bless. After taking an almost 4 year hiatus from music to pursue other ventures, Elliott Bless returns to the scene with a complete make over. Armed with a new alias (formerly known as Maxxx Flair), management team and appreciation for what he brings to the genre; Elliott Bless presents to you “TODAY”.  

“TODAY” is an 8 track Ep (available on streaming services, 10 track soundcloud release) that meshes the bouncy feel good vibes that you have become to expect from Elliott Bless under his previous moniker but also a swing into the less intense and mellow vibe that songs such as Vacation” andBrand New Day” brings to the project.  One of the more popular songs off of the Ep “Not today satan”  takes the listener on a journey through the eyes of an artist that has had to redefine what his goal in music is. With lines such as, “Some saying, I need to be more visual” and “I been nice, had a few shots missed” are gems that true fans that have followed Elliott’s journey would get and understand in the process of listening.  Songs like “I Promise” (featuring the voice of the lovely Lami) and “I’ma Need” sonically resonates the influence of the worldly feel of the “House” genre, that Elliott Bless effortlessly puts his stamp on making the listener aware that his reach is more than just the boom bap of today.

Overall with clever lyricism, solid production and complimenting features Elliott Bless’s efforts and evolution does not go unnoticed.  The change is definitely displayed right for the masses to hear and see. We will continue to keep an eye on this artist whose talents will bring him further than I believe even he knows. We knew him as Maxxx Flair before and now as Elliott Bless.

Connect with Elliott Bless:

Website: www.elliottbless.com

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Instagram: @ElliottBless

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