T.L.R. Vocal Blends

TLR hailing from the city of Brotherly love, Philadelphia,P.A. The group TLR formed in 2002, when Derrick Domingo aka LR teamed up with  T to create a group that was a hybrid of what the two members specialized in.  T being influenced by Hip-Hop takes the reins as the rhyme smith  of the group.  LR being influenced by varying R&B singers and groups, brings the vocals to create the group that you and I will get to know as TLR.  The group has found their talents being relied upon by Grammy nominated and platinum producers such as  Black Key, Zukun and more. L.R. is an all around journeyman adding recording artist, musician, fashion designer and producer to his resume of skills.  When in production mode L.R. often teams up with partner Rashaun Hampton to form the production team known as the 8thGraders.  The duo dishes production on records that have reached the hands of well known artist such as Jadakiss, Sermon, Nina Sky and Noreaga N Capone.  You can listen to them hear or reach out to them at the below:

Booking Information : tlrmusic88@gmail.com

Management Contact : Rick (267 588 9346)  Raja (267 702 9138)

Drops Email : The8thgraders@gmail.com

Twitter Name : 8GM_TLR & LrTheking

Instagram: Lr_8GM

Website: www.Bpm97.com


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